Building each Ride is an art, each one is different its like a tattoo with an engine. Let us know what you like and we can build one for you. 

"VELOCITY" has Cabs and Bodies on the build all the time, one you can buy today.  


 We build a wide variety of Baggers from basic bolt on bling to full on 26" - 30 "  Big Wheels. Rake Neck Chassis mods to Air ride suspensions.  Performance mods: Turbo's, Fuel Injection, Cam shafts, Carb Tuning Big Bores and full on Big Cubic Inch Engines.


DREAM - BUILD - RIDE...‚Äč             since 1981


Our Choppers and Bobber's are not for weak they are  raw hard core, bad ass, loud and tire fry'n fast. Big tire, long forks, Old School everyone wishes they could have one. Let "VELOCITY" build you your dream chopper!

monday to saturday 416-577-2232